Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Name is Sancho!

Hey everybody - our new record All the Great Aviators Agree is released nationally today! You can now go into any music store here in the US and Europe and buy (or at least order) a copy for yourself! Our eternal thanks go to Frank at Burnside Distribution for all his support and help he has generously given to get us to this point.

We had a tremendous show in Denver last night at Sancho's Broken Arrow. It was in stark contrast to the gig in Boulder on Sunday. Last night, there were people actually paying attention to us. At one point, we had half the bar dancing to Fall Hard - it is what I dream about and my face was smothered with the biggest smile ever. Scotland and I just grinned at each other as we watched all this unfold before us. You have to keep in mind, the patrons in Boulder tipped us pennies (which is mockery of the lowest level in my book)... having a complete reversal of fortunes at Sancho's made it even more enjoyable.

Pictures will hopefully be up soon. There will be a lot of great ones from Sancho's. We had an able and steady hand womanning the camera(s) last night. I have yet to see them, but I'm sure they will be awesome.

Today is an off day. A few of us are thinking about going to a baseball game (Rockies & Giants at Coors field). It's another beatiful day here in Denver. Low 80's, light clouds in they sky, and loads of sunshine. Pardon me if I'm glowing...

Wednesday night we play Dulcinea's 100th Monkey, which is located literaly 50 yards down from Sancho's Broken Arrow on the same block. It will be interesting to see who shows up from last night's show. That was only a $1 cover, Dulcinea's is $4... it will be an interesting test of our 'draw' and/or 'retention'.

That's it for now. Take care - hope y'all are doing well!


ps - we'll give a free copy of our new record (All the Great Aviators Agree - released nationally today, May 20th, nationally and internationally!) to the first 5 people that know what movie the title of this blog is referring to.

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