Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Been a while since I was able to do a blurb out here. I do want to point you to Bryan's Myspace blog. It's got some great photos over the past couple weeks.

We arrived in Denver a bit after 3pm today. We are staying in this palacial high rise condo in which you can see all over downtown. Talk about feeling like a rockstar...anyway, we play out in Boulder this evening. Strangely enough, it's a late night show (10pm) for a Sunday night.

Last time I checked in, we had just played the Cowgirl in Santa Fe. Since then, we extricated the van from the caliche(spanish for clay). The guy who owned the car wash was at our show in Tijeras and allowed us to vacuum and wash the van for free. Now that is rockstar treatment.

It took most of Friday to get everything straightened out, so it was nearly 5:30 before we got on the road for Trinidad. It was a late night, but it was nice to have the whole day Saturday to relax, do laundry, get the van serviced, sleep, and see the sights. Trinidad is actually a rather remakable town. It was a major cog on the Santa Fe trail, and it has a rich history. The downtown area still holds a lot of the original adobe structures that were erected over a hundred years ago. Rather fun for a guy that craves such things.

The show in Trinidad (at the Trinidad Brewery) went pretty well. It was outside, which was okay for the first set, but everyone's fingers started seizing up by the end of the second set. The crowd amazingly ebbed and flowed, even in the chilly night. Or maybe it's because they couldn't smoke inside. Either way, we at least enetertained the peoples when they came out. Interestingly enough, Trinidadians were fans of the slow songs. They wouldn't dance to anything fast, but they were all over anthing that they could stumble about slowly too. One guy actually requested such a song...on account that he couldn't dance. He was right, he couldn't. He nearly knocked over two tables during his one turn on the dance floor.

I'll get some photos up later this evening. Hope all is well.


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